UAZ tuning their own hands
Soundproofing VAZ-2109 with his own hands: the material


Analogues and comfort is higher than that end caps should be replaced need to regularly replace the oil. On the streets of our cities thresholds avto Many modern cars are equipped with.

Chevrolet Niva, tuning off-road
Tinted headlight film with his own hands
Self-change engine oil "Subaru"
VAZ 2115 Tuning in the home
Soundproofing hood with his hands
Test-drive sports car Peugeot RCZ
Replacing side mirrors VAZ 2110 with his own hands
Test drive an updated Toyota Camry: Classic and power
Soundproofing cars independently
Soundproofing Lada Kalina car with his hands
The turbine in the WHA with their hands

Cut sheets as necessary problem is "Field" - the jam" and the systematic pumping, you can with a punctured tire to ride long enough. And the color remains insulation to spend quality car with his hands box.

02.04.2012   Cleaning injectors with their hands
When the car pulls up and bad neustroychivo running at idle, you want to flush without dismantling the nozzle. To do this, wash unit connected to the fuel system and injector serves no gasoline, and a special washing liquid, dissolving the deposition of the nozzle. The engine can run on the liquid ...
10.05.2012   A competent repair of starters, Toyota Camry
A competent repair of starters, Toyota Camry No doubt, sooner or later, the car needed repairs starters. Following standard checks (oil, candles, etc.), the first thought when you do not wind up car - a broken starter. But do not despair because the starter - it is an important element in the overall pre-charging circuit of any car and it ...
03.04.2012   Tuning UAZ 2206 with his own hands
Tuning - a very exciting experience. If properly set up vehicle components and assemblies, it is quite live up to expectations. And such a vehicle, as UAZ 2206, has quite the experiments in terms of external tuning. Deep tuning UAZ 2206 with his own hands is not easy and is performed in several ...
16.04.2012   Painting a car with his hands, step by step
Every car needs care and proper maintenance. Dyeing machine is no exception. But no one except the favorite car owner does not make it better. This action has its own rules to be followed so as not to turn your car into a monster of a beauty. Next, we will tell you how to paint the car with their ...
20.04.2012   Tinted rear lights with their own hands
Every owner of a car, sooner or later confronted with an overwhelming desire to change something in his car. Often the choice of stops on the fact that the cheapest will be. Tinted rear lights - this is cheap and obvious. And moreover, this procedure is very easy to hold even at home, limited ...
21.05.2012   Low-pressure tires with their hands
Today there are already many different models of all-terrain vehicles fitted with tires of low pressure. Their main advantage - extremely high throughput. Low pressure inside the tire allows this, literally, become flat on the surface of the terrain, it does not matter - it is vague way the rain, ...
28.05.2012   Decorative air intake on the GAZ 3110 with his own hands
Tuning the car - it is not only alteration of the exterior and interior of the car to improve his running, dynamic and external qualities, creating additional amenities in the cabin and making a special aerodynamic body plumage. Dorabatyvaya all the weaknesses of the car, the driver not only ...
19.04.2012   Volvo S60 T6 AWD
Volvo S60 T6 AWD The new Volvo S60 in comparison with its predecessor, has changed markedly. The car looks serious, but at the same time call it a boring language will not turn. Many people even refer to it as the caller's appearance. About the quality of color, the gaps in adjacent parts of feathers, even the car ...
09.04.2012   We repair tires with their hands
Any motorist is not immune to puncture tires, and in terms of code, or the reserve is not too broken, and no one to help. In such cases, must itself be able to find the puncture and remove it yourself. When you have a punctured tubeless tire, the puncture is difficult to detect. If you saw the ...
04.04.2012   Shumoizoliruem door with his hands
Soundproof car doors are solved several problems - the natural decrease in road noise, improve sound audio system, closing the door is clearer and softer. However, there is one drawback: if overzealous, the door may sag due to the increase massy. sound insulation works carried out in several ... - copyright 2009-2012